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This tool is used to pull and push the hot oven rack in the stove.  It is very easy to pull the oven rack out with the groove (about 2” from the end).  We suggest using the groove turned up.  This will allow you to lift the rack a little and cause it to slide easier.  When you are ready for the rack to go back in, use the slot at the end to hook and push the rack in again.  Will you still feel some heat?  Yes, but your hand is at least 10” further away from the rack, which reduces the heat and you won’t be touching the hot rack.  The main thing that people appreciate is fewer burns using the oven tool than using a hot pad.


A thought about its shape and care.  It was designed to be ergonomically comfortable.  All edges are slighted rounded to make it comfortable when in use.  Someday it might need a little sanding after some use and retreated with beeswax finish from the average home store.

Oven Tool

    • Material:  Solid oak wood
    • Finish:  Hand rubbed Beeswax and food grade oil
    • Size:  12 5/8” long, varied width from 1” to 1 ½” and 7/16” thick

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